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Financial hurdles Solutions by FinEzzy
Debt Management multiple high interest loans low interest loan options
Credit Score Rejected loans due to low CIBIL score Strategies for improving credit score
Investments Confusion on where to invest Tips on investment strategies
Taxes Complications Difficulty in managing and filing taxes Guidance on handling taxes better
Expenses Management Financial instability due to unexpected bills Quick financial aids for emergencies

Organize, Analyze
and Realize

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Streamlining complex finances into clear, actionable steps

Your guide to smarter, simpler financial decisions

Customized planning

Find a well planned financial pathway made by experts backed by real-time data

Gain maximum benefits with quick data and customized solutions

Customized Planning

Comprehensive analytics

Get the best results with a comprehensive look at your data

Powered by AI

Solve problems promptly with top-tier AI integration that’s always available to you

Powered By Ai
Easy credit access

Get the best results with a comprehensive look at your data

Easy Credit Access


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FinEzzy stands out by offering personalized solutions as an online personal finance app. We provide low interest rate instant loans on mutual funds without the need of a cibil check with 100% paperless process.

We provide customized advice for various financial needs, including loans against securities with low interest rates. Our algorithms consider your risk appetite, financial goals, and market conditions. If you’re in need of an instant loan without CIBIL score, we ensure your broader financial goals are not compromised.

Our approach is rooted in organizing, analyzing, and realizing. We begin by organizing your financial data across all sources. Then, we analyze and provide intelligent, actionable insights. Whether you’re seeking a personal loan against mutual fund investments or securities, FinEzzy assists you in realizing your financial goals seamlessly.

loan against securities lowest interest rate

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loan against securities lowest interest rate

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