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How to Get a Loan Without a CIBIL Score? 

When it comes to borrowing money, a good credit score, such as your CIBIL score in India, is often a key requirement. However, what happens if you don’t have a CIBIL score or if your score isn’t good? Surprisingly, there are still options available to you, one of the most effective being a loan against […]

How to Avail a Loan Against Mutual Fund Units? 

Financial emergencies frequently arise, which require the need for quick money. In such situations, you can meet your urgent financial demands from your savings. However, if your funds are locked in different investments, withdrawing money from them may result in a penalty.Also, redeeming your stocks or mutual funds may not be your first choice since […]

Top Mutual Fund Mistakes to Avoid 

Mutual funds have emerged as one of the most popular investing options for Indians. With the promise of high returns and the accessibility they provide, it’s no surprise that investors are increasingly taking interest in mutual fund investments. Mutual funds, like any other investment, come with their own set of concerns. Making incorrect decisions might […]

All About Loan Against Mutual Funds

loan against mutual funds

You have carefully and steadily constructed a long-term Mutual Fund portfolio. The funds are producing fantastic returns, but you need money immediately for a short-term purpose and do not want to liquidate your investments.  An excellent alternative in this circumstance is a loan against mutual funds. It’s a convenient and efficient way to unlock the […]

Is LAMF a Better Alternative to Selling Investments?

People face a dilemma when it comes to managing expenses without disrupting their long-term financial goals.  Well, what if there’s a lesser-known option that combines the best of both worlds? Enter LAMF – the latest buzzword in the world of finance that’s got investors intrigued and financial experts buzzing.   LAMF stands for Loan Against Mutual […]

From Investment to Instant Cash: Transforming Your Mutual Funds 

Credit Card vs Loan Agaisnt Mutual Funds

Are you tired of waiting for your mutual funds to mature before reaping the benefits? What if your investments can instantly turn into cash at your convenience, ready to be used for any requirement?   Enter Loan Against Mutual Funds. This financing tool allows you to leverage your investments without selling them, providing you with quick […]

The Dos and Don’ts of Loan on Mutual Funds

When considering borrowing against mutual funds, it’s important to resist the temptation to borrow more than necessary. Also, overlooking the potential risks associated with market volatility and margin calls can have detrimental effects on your financial stability. It’s essential to stay informed and cautious when leveraging mutual funds for loans. Furthermore, maintaining a clear investment strategy is key to ensuring that borrowing against mutual […]

What Makes Loan Against Mutual Funds That Different?


Loans against mutual funds are often compared with traditional loans. When it comes to LAMF, one of the key differences lies in the flexibility they offer compared to traditional loans. With a loan against mutual funds, you can leverage your existing investments without needing to liquidate them, providing a convenient source of funds while keeping […]

Power of Compounding in Mutual Fund Investments

When you make an initial investment in a mutual fund, and over time, that money starts earning returns. But here’s where it gets interesting – those returns then start generating even more returns themselves! It’s like a financial snowball effect that can turn small investments into much larger wealth over the long term.  Now, think […]

Demystifying Loan Against Mutual Fund: A Game-Changing Loan Solution  

Imagine a scenario where your investments not only serve as a financial safety net but also as a key to unlocking instant cash when you need it most. Enter the game-changing solution of Loan Against Mutual Funds – a powerful tool that allows you to leverage your existing investments without liquidating them. Whether you’re planning […]