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Keep Your Investment: Opt for Loans Against Mutual Funds! 

loan against Mutual Funds

According to a report by Axis Capital India’s Mutual Fund industry has doubled its Assets under management in just four years to a significant value of Rs 50 lakh crore by December 2023. India’s mutual fund industry is expected to be worth Rs 100 lakh crore by 2030 

Every individual well-versed in financial matters either desires to own or already holds a mutual fund portfolio. However, when faced with an urgent need for funds, many opt to sell off their long-term assets to meet immediate financial obligations. 

Upward Momentum 

We acknowledge the continuous growth of the Mutual Fund Industry, which is anticipated to yield even greater results in the forthcoming years. Considering this, why should anyone be inclined to relinquish their Mutual Fund portfolio with such promising potential? Is there no alternative way to access instant funds without compromising your asset portfolio? 

Well, there is, and it’s called Loans Against Mutual Funds (LAMF). 

The Evolutionary Journey 

The concept may be unfamiliar to many, but it is deeply rooted in history. Though credit was available against shares or mutual fund units in the past, many investors were hesitant to avail it, as they waited for repeated visits to the branch, observing KYC norms and deadlines for the distribution of credit penalties. Moreover, it was quite time-consuming to revoke the pledged shares or units after repayment. 

However, all of that is now a thing of the past. In the current digital age, lending has changed due to convenience and quickness. Mutual fund loans are now simple to get without compromising the long-term potential of assets. 

LAMF Simplified 

Alright, picture this: You’ve been saving up for ages, building your stash of cash for something big—a new phone, maybe? But suddenly, an unexpected expense pops up, and you’re left short on funds. Enter LAMF or Loans Against Mutual Funds. It’s like a secret hack in the finance world. Instead of cashing out your investments, you use them as collateral to borrow money. When you need quick cash but do not want to dip into your long-term savings, Loan on Mutual Fund can be your financial solution for both unexpected expenses and new opportunities. 

Loans Against Mutual Funds With FinEzzy 

  1. 15-Minute Magic: 

Experience the magic of quick funds with money credited within just 15 minutes of approval. 

  1. Small Financial Fulfillment: 

Address your immediate financial needs by borrowing as low as ₹5,000, making it perfect for emergencies or small expenses. 

  1. No Documentation Hassles: 

Say goodbye to paperwork as our 100% digital process ensures you don’t get buried in documents, making borrowing hassle-free. 

  1. Affordable Interest Rates: 

Enjoy peace of mind with interest rates starting at just 7.46% per annum, ensuring affordability and manageable repayments. 

  1. Maximized Loan-To-Value: 

Unlock maximum borrowing potential by borrowing up to 95% of the current value of your mutual fund holdings. 

  1. No CIBIL or Proof of Income Needed: 

We trust you! There’s no requirement for a CIBIL score or proof of income, simplifying the borrowing process for you. 

Well Informed Financial Decisions 

Opting for a loan against mutual funds not only underscores the importance of informed decision-making but also provides borrowers with the means to address immediate expenses within minutes. With flexible repayment options, instant approval, and more, Loan on Mutual Fund is poised to revolutionize borrowing. However, before committing, seek guidance from financial advisors. borrowing with attractive interest rates, flexible repayment options, and instant approval. However, it is crucial to consult financial advisors before making any commitment.  

Mutual fund units are gaining traction as collateral, potentially surpassing traditional assets like gold and real estate. Their use is significant, particularly as borrowers often overlook pre-payment and foreclosure charges in conventional loans. The digital process, accessible within an app, offers unmatched convenience, facilitating transactions from application to loan closure. Overdraft facilities provide access to funds as needed, with interest charged only on the utilized amount and duration, ensuring instant liquidity while investments grow.  

Closing Remarks 

Loan against mutual fund units and shares offer economic benefits and greater repayment flexibility compared to other forms of borrowing, making it an ideal choice for financial needs.  

Before you rush into decisions like redeeming your mutual funds or accumulating credit card debt, explore the benefits of Loan on Mutual Fund. It offers a win-win solution, empowering you to maintain ownership of your investments while enjoying the ease and affordability of a credit line.  

Take charge of your financial future today by downloading the Finezzy app, where your loan can be approved in just 15 minutes! 

Frequently asked questions

All investments have some risk. But mutual funds try to reduce risk by investing in many different things. So, if one thing doesn’t do well, the other might make up for it.

We tailor our advice and suggestions to your needs. If wealth management is your goal, our algorithms go through millions of data points to come up with suggestions that sit perfectly with your risk appetite, existing financial goals and the prevailing market conditions. If you are interested in credit, we address the need while also ensuring you do not compromise on your broader financial goals.

Most mutual funds let you take out your money when you want. But some might have rules or charges if you take it out too soon.

To start, you can talk to a bank or a financial advisor. They can guide you on how to put your money in a mutual fund.

Yes, there might be some charges. These are for managing the fund and other services. It’s good to ask about these before you invest.

No, you don’t need a lot of money. Many mutual funds allow you to start with a small amount as low as INR 500.